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Winter Storm Warnings for Southern California

Winter Storm Warnings for Southern California

Massive storm to lash Southern California with three days of rain and snow

The National Weather Service’s Storm Prediction Center has issued a winter storm warning for Southern California through Sunday morning.

It’s the first of three days with rain and snow with higher snow totals in Northern California.

While the main reason for the warnings is that of high winds, the storm is expected to bring heavy rain and snow for parts of Los Angeles, Ventura and Santa Barbara counties and to a lesser extent Orange County and San Diego County.

In fact, Santa Barbara will likely see the wettest day on record with up to two inches of rain predicted in some places. There’s a 65 percent chance of rain in Orange and San Diego, which is nearly 10 percent higher than normal.

In all, the threat is just for a bit more than a foot of snow, but the bigger threat is the potential for powerful winds that could damage equipment, structures and power lines. We’re concerned that the storm might bring some flooding into the region.

The worst of the storm appears to be headed right over parts of Southern California.

The main threat comes from a large storm system that’s expected to move through Southern California on Sunday morning and then on Monday and Tuesday, bringing with it lots of rain and snow.

The National Weather Service has issued a winter storm warning through Sunday morning for the following areas:

The storm will move through parts of Los Angeles County Tuesday night.

The heaviest rain and snow will affect Southern California on Monday and Tuesday, a period that will also see a foot of snow in Riverside County.

The storm threatens the rainiest part of the year for Southern California, with San Diego County seeing up to two inches of rain.

The storm will cause a swath of coastal flooding, especially near the water’s edge, and it will also bring big waves and high winds to parts

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