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The Reckless Car Driving Culture in Our Country

The Reckless Car Driving Culture in Our Country

Letters to the Editor: Trump announced, and the media are already failing like it’s 2016

I am writing in response to the news a young man died in a car accident that could have been avoided if he had just stopped at a stop sign. I am writing to express my thoughts and to urge anyone who is reading this to please contact the person who is responsible for the reckless car driving culture in our country and tell him to stop.

The news of the young man’s death was not reported on by the media. It is the responsibility of the media to report news that affects public policy.

The fact is Donald Trump is not a good role model when it comes to our nation’s children. In just the last 24 hours, I received the following emails:

On Tuesday night, my husband, my son, our daughter-in-law, two dogs, and I was walking to dinner from the playground after church. We were going to our car to go home and I saw a car coming toward me. As I stepped to my left to step out of the way, the car hit my right arm and knocked me to the ground.

When I picked myself up, my arm was twisted at an impossible angle: my hand was in front of me, my arm was twisted behind my back. I kept thinking I was going to black out. The pain was excruciating, so I was very frightened. I went to the edge of the sidewalk to call 911 and had to wait until the police arrived to call the ambulance.

While the ambulance was on the way, my arm was x-rayed and then sent to the emergency room. I was told the x-rays didn’t show anything so they sent me here. When I got here, it was determined I needed surgery. I need a fusion of my elbow.

The surgery isn’t set in stone yet. I am recovering at home while waiting for my arm to heal. I am still scheduled to have the fusion done.

If that is not the worst situation in your life, you are not living the best life, you’re living in

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