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The Night of the Nightmare

The Night of the Nightmare

‘Welcome to Chippendales’ is an engrossing trip back in time to seedy 1980s L.A. where the girls dance on the roof of a brothel, take drugs at ‘Cocaine’s Paradise,’ and perform karaoke.

A young woman named Tiffany gets a reality check in “Welcome,” a documentary that recalls a night of drug-fueled karaoke in 1980s Los Angeles. Tiffany, a model and a former porn star, is living with her boyfriend, who also happens to be a convicted drug dealer. Her drug-dealing boyfriend is in rehab and she is forced to return to his apartment. He wants to take her dancing, and they decide to go find one of the many clubs that have been set up in the past decade in Los Angeles.

The girls who frequent these clubs don’t all have the same story. A group gathers on the roof of a brothel to hang out, drink alcohol, and listen to music. One girl invites Tiffany to join her in the club. Tiffany declines because she is a devout Catholic. The girl offers to take her to another club. Tiffany is on the phone checking the address on her phone, and the girl, realizing she can’t find it, offers her a ride. The girl’s boyfriend isn’t in rehab and Tiffany thinks he might still be behind bars. The girl drops Tiffany off just before midnight and Tiffany gets into a car that she thinks is her boyfriend’s. She ends up at another club and the girl takes her to another club. Then another, and another. She gets to the last club. It is dark, crowded, and the club’s owner has set up a stage so they can dance. She doesn’t know this girl who lives with her boyfriend and who offers to take her to another club. Tiffany ends up alone in the club. The owner calls the police because no one is there and tells the dispatcher that she has to find the girl who is singing on stage. The dispatcher calls Tiffany’s boyfriend and he takes her to the police station. He says they can’t find Tiffany but the police say they will find her. She meets a man who gives her a ride back to the club.

The next day, Tiffany is

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