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The CICA’s Board of Directors Resigns After Possible Abuse

The CICA's Board of Directors Resigns After Possible Abuse

Curling chair resigns in wake of soccer abuse investigation

The Chair of the Canadian Curling Association’s Board of Directors resigned on Monday afternoon following an investigation into possible abuse following a youth game.

The issue was raised following the final of the World Curling Championships in Lethbridge, Alberta, where several players were sent to the hospital, the CICA said.

The issue went to an investigation committee and the board of directors, which issued a statement Monday afternoon saying, “The Association’s investigation committee concluded following consultation with the CICA membership on the weekend of the Canadian Curling Championships that the allegations made by curlers at the curling event in Lethbridge were unfounded and the allegations were motivated by political rhetoric and poor judgment.”

“Given the nature of the events taking place at the Curling Centre and in the last 24 hours prior to the Lethbridge Curling Championships, and considering the facts that the CICA has gathered, it is the Board’s decision to ask that the Association’s Vice-President and the chair of the board of directors resign.”

Canadian Curling Federation CEO Dave Cameron said he was not aware of any investigation by the CICA into abuse.

“I did not direct any CICA inquiry or investigation into any allegation related to the Lethbridge Curling Championships, nor did I see anything or learn anything on any of our channels,” Cameron said in a statement.

It’s not a conflict between the CIF and CICA. Both are non-profit organizations with separate boards. It’s a conflict between two boards of directors. That’s a conflict of interest.

“I spoke to Dave Cameron and he’s going to be dealing with that,” Curling Canada CEO Camille Paulus said from Fort William, Ontario. “That’s between Dave Cameron and Dave Cameron and Curling Canada.”

Cameron has previously indicated that he doesn’t believe there is a conflict between the CIF and CICA. He said any further discussion on the issue would be left to the board members.


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