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New details emerge about the “Brink’s Heist” in New York City on Feb. 2

New details emerge about the "Brink's Heist" in New York City on Feb. 2

New clues in Brink’s heist mystery? Video shows ‘suspicious’ men at jewelry show

Posted: 2:37 p.m.

Updated: Saturday, March 15, 2015

New details have emerged about the so-called “Brink’s Heist” in New York City on Feb. 2, an attempted heist of a safe at a jewelry store.

The video at the center of the case, which was posted on YouTube Friday, shows a man wearing a mask, carrying a handgun and heading toward a jewelry counter that had been set up in a store on West 25th Street near Sixth Avenue.

The video was first posted by “The Daily News” and then picked up by “The New York Post.”

More than two dozen people have spoken publicly about the case since February, when the first video was posted online.

Police have released several photos and videos, and identified 11 people who were at the store on Feb. 2.

Several of the individuals were photographed by the cameras of the police. Video surveillance also shows the men at the store.

The New York Police Department’s Counterterrorism Division, which is leading the investigation, said Friday that the crime was a “domestic terrorist act,” but gave no further details.

Also Saturday, the FBI released new details about three men suspected in the theft of $10 million at a Las Vegas restaurant.

The men — John Lee Hill, Michael Eberhart, Kevin McCall and James Holmes — had been in federal custody in Las Vegas since March 12 on charges of gun and drug charges as well as stealing money from the Red Roof Inn.

Holmes allegedly set the hotel restaurant ablaze in September 2013 with a handgun he had taken from a Las Vegas hotel where he was staying. Authorities have said he also took the gun when he left the hotel.

Police have charged Holmes, Hill and Eberhart with federal crimes in connection with the robbery.

Police said on Friday that the men had left Las Vegas on a bus and traveled to New York on Feb. 11 and have not been in custody there. The FBI said they were still looking for them.

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