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How Dollar General Scammed Tanya Pascual

How Dollar General Scammed Tanya Pascual

How a Dollar General Employee Went Viral on TikTok

In June 2017, Tanya Pascual (@TanyaPascual29) was at work when she got an unexpected call from her employer. The Dollar General worker told Pascual that she had been scammed on TikTok, and demanded to know how she could find a way to bring this company down. Her story was viral, and went from #1 on TikTok to #9 million in just one week.

Pascual says she was trying to make money to pay off her car and home, but the call from Dollar General was enough to convince her to leave her job.

Tanya Pascual of Dollar General

Pascual says she knew immediately that the company was not responsible for the TikTok scam. She went ahead and paid the $30 in total in bitcoin she received from the scammer. What she did next was more shocking for the community.

She put TikTok on autoplay, and started filming the scammers she had just met on TikTok.

YouTube / Dollar General

Pascual’s story got attention for a few reasons. Her message was powerful, and she has never been one to shy away from speaking her mind. Plus, she had no proof that the company was responsible for the scam.

TikTok’s response

TikTok’s response was immediate. Tanya said that the company was aware of the incident, and told her to contact them directly. Pascual tried to use their contact forms, but was told all of the ‘records were disabled’.

TikTok CEO Jimmy Schmitz

Tanya then reached out to a TikTok community manager named Jimmy Schmitz, and sent him photos and videos showing the scammer she had interacted with.

Jimmy sent a message to her explaining his response to Pascual’s TikTok scam, and told Pascual to follow up on it. Schmitz told Pascual to contact the company directly, and asked her

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