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Harvey Weinstein’s lawyer described her as a “fish”

Harvey Weinstein's lawyer described her as a "fish"

Harvey Weinstein trial: Judge drops 4 counts, Jennifer Newsom describes ‘fish-like’ genitals in testimony Published duration 1 December 2016

image copyright Reuters image caption Jennifer Newsom testified about Weinstein’s genitals

A prosecutor in the Harvey Weinstein row trial has described the plaintiff’s lawyer in her sexual harassment and assault case as a “fish”.

Jennifer Newsom told the jury that Ms Judge was “fish”, and she was “fantastic”.

The US judge said she was “one of the most remarkable women you have ever met”.

Ms Judge described herself as “vicious, vindictive” and said she knew she would be the “first one with a knife”.

But her description of Ms Judge caused an outcry as many questioned the credibility of the witness.

Prosecutors said the woman was referred to in the media as a “carnival of sexual harassment” and that she was a “nasty piece of work” who was “incredibly angry”.

The woman’s lawyer called for the judge to resign, saying “sexual assault survivors don’t want Harvey Weinstein to get away with it”.

Ms Judge described herself as a “huge, huge, huge admirer” who “just wanted” to hear Ms Judge’s story.


She told jurors that she had been “bashed up” by a “creepy” assistant, and described how she was groped and how Weinstein had “put his hand all over me until I was like, his hand is on me like this, like this, like this”.

Her mother had wanted her to make the allegations before she did so, she said.

“I felt powerless, I felt hurt. I told her, ‘I can’t say everything I feel.’ She said, well yes you can.

“She told me in my own words what happened, what he did to me. She got it on the record then she went and got it on videotape. She started to cry. She said, ‘I don’t have to say these things.’ I really believed her because she looked me and said, she was just so beautiful, she smiled at me and I looked at her and she said, ‘I was just going through a lot of stress and she

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