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Former vice president-in-waiting admitted to stealing $2,000 worth of luggage from Miami airport

Former vice president-in-waiting admitted to stealing $2,000 worth of luggage from Miami airport

Biden’s nonbinary head of nuclear waste admits to snatching luggage worth over $2,000 from airport

A former vice president of the United States has admitted that he was in a gang that “snatched” luggage from a luggage carousel at Miami International Airport. The former vice president-in-waiting, who is a former United Nations official and a former US senator, admitted to using his position to steal the luggage from the luggage carousel in order to give the gang $2,000 in cash.

Biden reportedly joined a group of thieves who stole more than $2,000 from a luggage carousel of luggage on the airport’s concourse. The thieves reportedly gave Biden a bag containing $2,000 worth of the stolen luggage.

In a statement to reporters, Biden’s former chief of staff reportedly admitted that he personally took the $2,000-worth of luggage.

“That’s not the first time I’ve stolen from the airport. It doesn’t sound like that hard of a crime,” Thomas said. “I got caught [for] about $500 worth of stuff. I’m not really even a thief. I just like to get it from the people I don’t know.”

In an interview, Thomas also revealed that he and Biden are not romantically involved.

“No, I’m not with her. I’m with Donald [R. Trump]. I would be her husband, but I’m not really that,” said Thomas. “I mean, I would see her. We’ve talked a couple of time and we’ve text back and forth, but I haven’t actually seen her in person. … I’ve had other women who would talk to me while I was working for her.”

But according to his spokesperson, Thomas was having relationship problems and felt the relationship was over.

“Biden was having a tough time at home and wanted a family that would be closer to him,” said his spokesperson. “He had his work and he had his life. He was willing to move on when it

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