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‘Dead to Me’ co-star Jennifer Tilly says the show is changing

'Dead to Me' co-star Jennifer Tilly says the show is changing

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There was a time when ‘Dead to Me’ had been a one-joke, made-for-TV show before ‘Daleb’s Family Reunion’ was added to the package.

‘You get the impression that people are like, oh, the show must be canceled. Nobody gives a crap about ‘Dead to Me’ anymore,’ he laughs.

Hollywood legend, actress and ‘Dead to Me’ co-star Jennifer Tilly says things have changed for the better when it comes to fans of the show.

‘I have no idea how they would get the word out, on a day-to-day basis, about ‘Dead to Me’ now. Even when it had gone to 1.5 million viewers, there were people who hated it,’ she says.

‘And that makes some people happy. And I think that makes others, because of that, feel like maybe you’re not getting the whole story. It’s like, no, they’re getting it. And I think some people have felt like they have a really good reason to be upset about that.’

Tilly says at the height of the show’s rating she was on set filming a scene with Michael Strahan in which Strahan ‘was doing the exact opposite of his character, which was to shoot my character in the head’.

Her character’s mother, played by Elizabeth Gillies, died in a hit-and-run incident but Tilly says she feels like this is a very different era for ‘Dead to Me’.

‘And I think that maybe there’s other women around me who feel like they don’t get all the attention anymore because they don’t have a mother involved in the soap opera, or they don’t have a husband who’s in the soap opera,’ says Tilly.

‘And it’s like, my character is all about me and my marriage. That’s what my story is about.

It’s different for every single person. And I do think for a lot of the older ones, especially people who are on the show in their 80s, a lot of them are really glad that they had a part in this story,’ she adds.

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