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Andy Taylor has been battling testicular cancer for two years

Andy Taylor has been battling testicular cancer for two years

Duran Duran announces guitarist Andy Taylor has Stage 4 cancer

Andy Taylor and the band are still dealing with his current health

Andy Taylor has been battling testicular cancer for two years.

The Duran Duran guitarist is the latest artist to be announced to have a cancer scare.

Taylor has been undergoing treatment for the illness. In 2008, it was discovered on the eve of the Grammy Awards after he attended his band mates’ shows at Madison Square Garden.

An MRI scan revealed that he had a large tumour in his testes. Taylor was then rushed to hospital and told doctors he would only be able to perform a few concerts and had his right-sided testicle removed.

As Taylor recovered in hospital, his band mates organised a benefit in the USA to help with medical costs. The group raised over £100,000 and was awarded the Grammy for best performance by a group in 2007.

He returned home to his family and says his health improved after the support from his friends.

“I felt really good. In my mind I couldn’t believe there was nothing wrong with me,” he said. “On top of that, the doctors explained there had to be a couple of years of recuperation and rehabilitation.”

A year later, he was spotted by a doctor at a hospital and treated for the remaining tumour.

“I knew I was in trouble, but I didn’t believe it until an MRI showed the tumor was growing. I was diagnosed with stage-four cancer,” Taylor told the Daily Star newspaper. “I have been undergoing therapy with radiotherapy and surgery at the Royal Marsden Hospital in London.”

His doctors have said that the tumour is not life threatening and he will continue with his treatment at the hospital.

In a statement to the paper, Taylor said: “For a

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