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Taylor Swift is a rage queen, and she’s trying to let the past be the past

Taylor Swift is a rage queen, and she's trying to let the past be the past

Swifties are worked up over who they think Taylor is shading on ‘Midnights’ but who is Taylor shading on Taylor Swift.

The gossip has spread so rampant it’s now just as well it’s not true. Taylor is actually shading none other than The Weeknd, his one-time mentor, who he apparently didn’t know took over in his early days with his career.

In fact, they’ve been feuding for the past year, it’s true, and you know what happens when Taylor gets on Twitter. The “I Wanna Be” singer takes out her rage, which is pretty much what she does best, on the rapper, whom she calls “Swift’s favorite rapper,” posting, among many others, a pic of a beaming the Weeknd.

The photo was accompanied by a message on the Instagram page saying, “I got a little jealous when he tweeted this picture last night. I wish I had a little more time to hang out with him but he’s been so busy. I would love to take him under my wing and teach him how to be a man. :)”

She followed up with, “I’m so happy he’s doing so well right now. What he teaches me and Swift is so important. You can’t just be happy or sad with your career. You have to look for the little gems. I have been so bad at this and don’t want to look back. It would be so embarassing. Sorry about the photo.”

Taylor is now trying to let the past be the past, which is probably easier said than done, and she wrote, “It was a fun and amazing time with a lot of laughter. I know I did not get all my friends together every week. I was not the funniest person in the world. I wish I could go back and talk to everyone again. He deserves so much more credit” and followed with, “I hope

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