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While many people may have heard of PHP, they might not understand it. PHP currently stands for Hypertext Preprocessor, but was formerly recognized as Personal Home Page, the name that was assigned by its founder, Rasmus Lerdorf.

PHP is a general-purpose scripting language that was initially intended to create an active web page. The word scripting language is a programming language that permits the control of one, two or more software applications. It can be embedded into Hyper Text Mark-up Language (HTML) and usually works on a web server.

This has let web development gain popularity. It is no longer news that PHP is one of the top open source scripting language nowadays, and that it is used by web developers around the globe. The most vital reason behind its popularity is its compatibility, which can be used to build an excellent interactive web site and a database along with it.

However, the interesting aspect is that it can easily be downloaded from the internet. Additionally, it can be customized in line with the condition of your project. Most people work with this custom PHP web application development in order to secure and design a fast, lively website at a more affordable cost.

PHP applications have innovated E-commerce web development in different forms. With this, both online shopping websites and E-commerce have more user-friendly, serviceable, search-engine friendly and attractive websites and applications. PHP web development service meet these necessary functions in the best ways.

Some of the databases PHP supports are Oracle and MySQL.  It is compatible with Linux, Windows and other operating systems.


Some benefits of web development PHP

  • It enables you to have total control

PHP web development offers more control of your site than any other programming language, allowing you to complete your task with simple short codes, while other languages need lengthy scripts and code.

  • Readily available

It is readily available for you to modify anything speedily and with ease since PHP is also open source.

  • Free (No need for financial problem)

Due to the fact that PHP is an open source language, it is totally free of cost, making it easy for people that have little or no money to access it.

  • Performance is very effective

PHP has the ability to be a very effective web language to make use of the code if it is done well. Actually, it is known for its ability to be scalable when inputting code and making applications.


Web development PHP is great, but a note of advice is to make sure that you stay away from comments (remarks) on the code – As a developer it will be good to keep up an appropriate documentation for your codes.

Furthermore, commenting or doing a remark for each of the codes is a nice thing. Nevertheless, do not over do the commenting.  The best way is to only comment on the difficult (complex) codes, but when the code is not complicated you can forget about making comments.


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